Stacking Molding Line

With the large demand of plastic products which used in daily life, package industry, medical industryetc, the plastic injection molding industry is developing very fast these years. How to increase the production efficiency is very important for the plastic molding industry. We designed with good cooling line for stacking molding Line in order to reach maximum production efficiency.

Why stacking molding line could get high production efficiency? It could use same machine size and hamburger mould design, which could have double quantity each shot. And the cycle time and labor demand is similar as common plastic molding line. The Technology of stacking molding developing smoothly because of high ratio for output and input, many professional engineers are pay much attention on stacking mould making and improvement.

For manufacture a stacking mould, we have to know following tips:

1. Choose the plastic part which is suitable for make stacking mould: the product height is small and the product design is not complex, such as spoon hamburger mould, hanger hamburger mould, lid hamburger mould, foldable crate hamburger mould and so on.

2. Use stable valve gate hot runner system.

3. Good cooling system design in order to reduce the molding line cycle time.

4. Double ejection system design.

Sino Mould company China is experienced for stacking mould manufacturing, we have made petri dish stacking mould, hanger stacking mould, thinwall container stacking mould, spoon stacking mould and so on.

With plastic injection molding machine manufacturing, we could supply high quality hamburger moulding solution, the whole line include hamburger mould, suitable injection molding machine, necessary additional machines and part collection robot with technology support. If you have new plastic injection molding project and interested in stacking molding line, welcome to contact us for more information. We could supply fine stacking molding solution with high production efficiency.

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