Special Fitting Molding Line

Dakumar is an expert of Special Fitting Moulding Supplier, such as PVC pipe fitting production line, PP production line, and special fitting production line…We helped our customers in the world to set up their own factory to produce plastic ball valve, P trap...

As a Special Fitting Moulding Supplier, we are glad to share our knowledge to help you on starting a new production line. There are many things to think about for planning a new project, such as choosing a suitable project, making business planning, purchase equipment, machine installation and commissioning… we need to do al things step by step.

In the initial stage, it is very important to find out the market situation and demand, for example which kind of fittings is the best seller in your market? Do you find any gap in the fitting market to spot? So the first step is to find out the specific fittings you want to make and will also be easily sold in the market. You need to know these details: plastic material of fittings, fittings specifications, and expected production capacity.

After perfectly know your requirement, the key stage is to find a professional supplier who can offer you turnkey solution for special pipe fitting production line, from A to Z. They can help you work out the workshop layout based on your requirement, suggest you the molds and machines you need, and help you install all the equipment, and training your workers. Normally such of these suppliers, they must need very rich experience on the special fitting mold, fitting injection machine, and fitting molding service. It is not enough to know only mould knowledge or machine knowledge. In normal case, the special pipe fitting mold manufacture only make moulds, and they may be not very familiar with the injection machine, and molding technologies, not even about how to install and training workers. So it is very important to find a supplier who is experienced with both moulds and machine like Sino Holdings Group, who have both Machine Company (Dakumar injection machine) and mould company (SINO MOULD).

Afteryou buy these machines and molds, then your main work is to inspect the whole Special pipe fitting production line before delivery and make sure they will run very smoothly in your plant, with low or even zero defects, to realize your production profits.

If you would like to setup your own special fitting production line, we glad to share with you with more details of this line and our cost list.

Special Fitting Molding Production Line-Machine
Special Fitting Molding Production Line-Moulds
Special Fitting Molding Production Line-Plastic Fitting