Refrigerator Molding Service

Specialized in offering turnkey project for setting up home appliance factory, Dakumar offers turnkey solution for household appliance molding line, such as refrigerator molding service, air conditioner molding service, washing machine molding service…

Take refrigerator or freezer for example, we not just offer freezer parts mould or injection machine, we offer full support from equipment to consultant service, installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance for all the equipments supplied by us.

Dakumar has helped customers from different countries on Refrigerator Molding Service. We are experienced with various kinds of freezer parts molding, such as drawer, egg shelf, ice box, free plate, door handle…And we have offered fridge parts mould for costumer from all over the world, such as Greece, Austria, Korea, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, Brazil, South Africa…for plastic parts injection molding service and die casting molding service. We hope to help you build up a factory from an idea in the most economical way and hope to offer you high quality products with good price.

For the customer who is planning for a new project for refrigerator, Dakumar will provide customized consultation service on business proposal according to your requirement. We could offer suggestion for plastic material selection, freezer parts modification and improvements, freezer mould construction, injection machine selection … For example, For the drawer, different manufacturer will use different material, such as PS, AS, PC… All of these are ok, but each has some advantages and disadvantages. Dakumar will guide you on choosing most suitable material according to your market positioning. And for injection machine, there are many different injection machine supplier and models in the market, it is very to negotiate with different supplier, but we will take care of both moulds and machine and we will offer full support for them, which will be very convenient to you.

If you need any advice for Refrigerator Molding Service or household appliance molding, such as AC, washing machine, welcome to contact us! Our sales and technician will offer rapid response.

Refrigerator Molding Production Line-Machine
Refrigerator Molding Production Line-Moulds
Refrigerator Molding Production Line-Refrigerator