Professional Servo Energy Saving Injection Machine Supplier

Professional Servo Energy Saving Injection Machine Supplier

Dakumar is one of the members of Sino Holdings Group ,is specialized in R&D manufacture, sales and service of plastic injection machine with concept of 5H, focus on being world leading supplier of injection molding equipment, technology and solutions. We are Professional Servo Energy Saving injection machine supplier.

Dakumar can provide you the servo energy saving injection machine from 50T to 4000T withthe servo motor and servo driver.

Advantages are as follows:

High effect energy saving

Under the same working condition, the energy saving ratio of 20%-80% is achieved compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine.

High forming stability

Servo drive system, closed loop control,compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, the forming repeatability is greatly improved.

Ultrasensitive response

The sensitive servo drive system responds quickly and the start-up time is only 0.05s

Super performance environmental protection

The whole machine runs with low noise

Super reliable holding performance

Compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, the holding time is wider and the performance of holding pressure is more stable

Super constant oil temperature

Servo motor proportional output hydraulicoil, to avoid excess heat generation, slow heating, hydraulic oil and evenwithout cooling, to achieve substantial water conservation

High efficient

The design of thin type motor small inertiaservo using Dakumar electro-hydraulic system with high speed DSP the mostadvanced computing devices, field oriented vector control strategy to realize.The system has a fast response speed, the maximum speed of the servo motorreaches 2500 revolutions per minute, and the time from zero speed to maximumspeed is only 36 milliseconds. The action of the injection molding machine,such as the opening and closing die, the movement of the platform, the advanceand retreat of the ejector, are obviously accelerated. The molding cycle of theinjection molding machine is shortened and the production efficiency isimproved.

High Precise

The accuracy of 4096 pulse / high precisionrotary transformer rotating as the motor speed (flow) feedback components andhigh precision pressure sensor as the pressure feedback component, and doubleclosed-loop control of pressure and flow, using high-speed DSP to achieve avariety of control algorithm, the average error of pressure can reach 0.5bar,the error of speed control is 0.1%, lag the ring is zero, therefore, thequality of the products of high repeat accuracy, to meet the needs of theproduction of high precision products.

If you are looking for  Professional Servo Energy Saving injection machine supplier ,please kindly contact me , Sino will provide you the best price and  high quality with the best service.