Paint Pail Molding Line Supplier

Professional Paint Bucket Molding Line

Sino supply various paint pail molds with different volume & different shape to different customers. Such as 1L, 2L,4L, 5L, 10L, 20L, square, round, and oval, etc. We are experience in supplying high quality paint pail molds and professional paint bucket molding line.

For paint pail molds, usually steel is 2344, 2738, 2311 or S136, it will use accordingly to customers requirements. For paint molds, the most important are as following:

1.Cycle time

For fast cycle time,the main influencing factors are cooling design, suitable steel and also hotrunner.

We have enough cooling line at core and cavity. In addition, we add separate cooling line at injection gate area to short cycle. Also, sometimes we will add BeCu at main area, suchas cavity bottom, upper core and slider, etc. Before we have made 20L pailmolds with 15s cycle.

2.Products test (such as sealing test, drop test, stacking test, loading test, etc.)

3.If need IML system

4.Parting line

5.Suitable machine, etc.

Usually for 20L paintpail molds production, suitable injection machine is DKM650; 10L pail need use DKM550; 1L pail with 4 cavity, suitable machine is DKM650.

In addition, for production line, also need auxiliary machines, such as auto loader, air compressor, etc. From Sino, you can got all of these devices. Anyneeds or interests for paint bucket molding line, welcome send your inquiry to me.


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