Interior Parts Turnkey project

In case you are involved in the automotive industry, you may find the sales of Interior parts is a very good business, and then , how to make the Interior parts turnkey project? You can understand from us what is a basic automotive interior parts molding solution, and how to start with your own plastic molding plant to make the Interior parts turnkey project.

You can start with a target Interior parts such as plastic console, or dash board, automotive plastic air conditioner window parts, plastic A pillar of the automotive car interior trim, plastic B interior trim or even a small part of the car Interior decorating plastic components. And get a budget for getting injection mold of this Interior parts, injection molding machine for running this mould, auxiliary equipment and raw material to estimate the cost. And then our team can support you to start the Interior parts turnkey project production guiding and QC management. Choose the best suitable steel for Interior parts mold is the first step. Germany steel of course is a good solution, but in order to control the best cost-effective solution, we also make you personal designed Interior parts turnkey project solution, that you can both get best quality, but also can reach your limit budget.

Injection machine for the Interior parts turnkey project is taking very good percentage of the project. We offer various series of injection molding machines, servo system and high precision injection of plastic material, color control and cycle time of production efficiency.

Here in DAKUMAR you can have all our design, layout instruction, project progress feedback, tooling process follow and installation and production manipulation. We also offer you our service engineers for installation on spot and training. Thanks for your trust and you can send us your enquiry and your production idea, we can give you a professional personal tailor made Interior parts turnkey project molding solution. Click our contact or send us information to get start your Automotive interior parts molding solution into the reality.

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