IML Molding Line Supplier

IML Molding Line Supplier

Dakumar is one of the members of Sino Holdings Group ,is specialized in R&Dmanufacture , sales and service of plastic injection machine with concept of 5H,focus on being world leading supplier of injection molding equipment ,technology and solutions.

Especiallyin IML high speed injection molding line . IML equipments include IML mold,high speed IML injection molding machine, necessary additional machines, IMLrobot and so on. We offer turnkey project solution for the high speed IMLmolding line with IML technologies support.

Compareto common injection molding line, in mold labeling system added one part forthe IML robot with prepared IML labels, it is used for sending IML labels intothe mold and collect the plastic parts. This step could be instead by manualoperating with static device for the IML labels.

Inorder to get high speedIML molding line, there have high requirements for each IML equipments. We mustmake sure each in mold labeling device work short cycling time in order to gethigh speed running.

FortheIMLmold, we design optimized cooling systemwith reasonable mold structure. We use imported stainless steel material forthe IML mold core and cavity, all the mold spare parts we designed withstandard parts which is easy for mold maintenance and run time running.

Forthe IML machine, we developed a new injection molding machine type which issuitable for thinwall high speed molding production, named hybrid injectionmolding machine. The new type of high speed injection molding machine is withhigh safety, high precision, high stability, high recyclability and high powersaving ability. All the injection machine electronic components we use worldfamous brand, for example, we use KEBA brand controller made in Austria, usephase brand Servo motor made in Italy, use Novo brand electronic ruler made inGermany, use MOOG brand servo valve made in Germany, use Intermot brandhydraulic motor made in Japan and so on. For the high speed injection moldingmachine, it could save about 3s for finishing mold opening, mold ejection andmaterial charging at the same time.

Withhigh quality IML mold, IML machine, IML robot and suitable size auxiliarymachines, we could get high speed IML molding line. According to customer’squantity demand, we could design mold cavity number according to the IMLmolding line running cycle time. All the IML devices are working separately butmatched with other parts well without waiting time, we could get 5s cycle timefor the thinwall IML molding line.

Dakumar supply high quality in mold labeling solution for I.M.Lmachine and I.M.L technology support. We could arrange engineers to visitcustomer workshop for the IML molding line setup and staff training. Welcome tocontact us for more information.

If you are looking for  IML Molding Line Supplier, please kindly contact me, Sino will provide you the best price and  high quality with the best service.