Exterior Trim Parts Turnkey project

China automotive parts molding supplier-- DAKUMAR, We are professionalin automotive Exterior Trim Parts molding solution, automotive exterior Trim Parts mould manufacturing, checkingfixture manufacturing and injection machine supply from 50Ton to 4000Ton by Dakumar Machine. We offer solution for automotive exterior trim parts turnkey project to our customer in Iran, Brazil, Australian, Venezuela, Thailand, China Famous brand automotive company for plastic production and other many countries.  

We have more than 20years experiencesinAutomotive Exterior Trim Parts Molding Solution, such as front & rear bumper, rubbing strip parts, Grille, Splash board, Pillars, bumper hook cover, shock absorber etc… Our Exterior Trim Parts molding turnkey solution includes design, mould manufacturing, injection machine manufacturing, checking fixture manufacturing, robot and other injection auxiliary equipments.

Design stage of Automotive Exterior Trim Parts, after customer or OEM factory send us part design by 3D format, we will do feasibility analysis report, such as Tooling Direction, indicate the position of sliders or Inclined ejectors, Moldflow analysis during mould design and our suggestion about Parts need change to avoidExterior Trim mouldmanufacturing or Parts molding in future. Mould design match customer injection molding machine or our recommend injection machine model.

Injection molding Machine forAutomotive Exterior Trim Parts Molding Solution: we have model from 50T to 4000T machine, for bumper mould usually 3000T machine, and also we can customize machine in clamping unit and injection unit according to customer Exterior Trim Parts mould, here you can make whole project and acceptance your project.

To speak of our service for Automotive Turnkey project, we have already set agent and service office in different countries, such as Mexico, Turkey, Jordan Argentina etc.. DAKUMAR headquarters have professional service team for provide technical support and service for our customers.Please contact us to get start Automotive Exterior Trim Parts Molding Solution.

Automotive Exterior Trim Parts Turnkey Production Line-Machine
Automotive Exterior Trim Parts Turnkey Production Line-Moulds
Automotive Exterior Trim Parts Turnkey Production Line-Parts