Equipment For Milk Crate Molding Line Solution

Tailor Crate Molding Line

We offer the whole production lines for various plastic products, especially for plastic crate molding line solution,we support all necessary equipment for you to produce milk crate, fruit and vegetable crate, banana crate , grape plastic container, fish crate,folding thin wall crate, bulk crate containers and so on.

Come to Sino Holdings, we help you to start a crate production line, with tailored crate mould, suitable crate molding machine, cooling system of water chiller, cooling tower for factory,crusher, autoloader, color mixer and conveyor of molded crates. Considering different crate size, crate mould structure, injection machine model is ranged from DKM550T to DKM1350T. For example , the 540*355*290mm F&V crate with 1 cavity mould just need DKM650T machine. While, if you produce folding crate with 600*400*110mm size, you need to consider about huge size injection machine–DKM1350T.

While, we can offer you not only all necessary equipment, but also technical support, service process for equipment installation & adjustment, people training,maintenace and project analysis.Welcome your enquiry for different crate specification, Sino Holdings will offer you our best solution for making top quality crate molding solutions.