Double Color Molding Line

Strongly driven by popularity of double-color products and the global economy recovery, more and more investors try to find and develop the new business in the plastic industry-double color molding line.

Double color molding means bi-injection molding, two-shot molding or multi-shot injection molding. By this technology, the plastic parts are produced with two different colors / materials by one single operation.

SINO HOLDINGS Group provides two-color molding for a variety industry, like daily necessities, cosmetics products, baby used product, electrical equipment, power tools, automotive parts and medical equipment. These dual-color molding can enhance plastic parts with high surface quality, reduce the labor costs and eliminate the molding steps. Our professional design team will do Moldflow before production to check the structure and avoid the production problem.

Dakumar Machinery Co. Ltd. supports two-color machine as the horizontal injection units, one standard injection machine with a separate injection unit and multi-color injection machine. For the horizontal injection double color machine, the machine has rotating round plate and two injection units. And the 2nd dual color machine, the machine has extra injection unit and rotating mold system.

Our company has rich experience in providing the complete dual color production line with high quality two-shot molds,  the suitable injection molding machine and auxiliary equipment of chiller, mixer, auto-loader, crusher, robots etc..Meanwhile, we provide technical and personal service to analysis the whole project, plant condition, worker training, machine installation & adjustment and period labor service at your point.  During last 3 years, we exported more than 80 sets bi-color molding line to our customers from the republic of Guinea, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, France...

If you are looking forthe plasticdouble color injection molding line, please don’t hesitate to contact SINO HOLDINGS Group for technical and quotation support. You will find SINO is your good business partner.

Double Color Molding Production Line-Machine
Double Color Molding Production Line-Moulds
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