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Dakumar is world famous two plate injection molding machine, we supply all type injection machine with servo type, high speed type, PVC type, PET type, two color type and two plate type.

Two plate Injection Molding Machine with advantages of high stability, high precision, high flexibility, high mould thickness capacity and high energy saving, it become more and popular in the plastic molding market in the recent years.

We could supply two plate injection molding machine from 1000T to 4000T. Our two plate machine is designed and guided byour Italy CTO, this type machine is meet customers’ requirement to produce large size plastic parts, such as industrial dustbin, household appliances, autoparts, Logistics container and large pallets.

Under same machine tonnage, two plate typeis more than 50% opening stock & mould thickness capacity compared with three plate machine, also, machine size is 30% smaller than three plate machine.For two platen machine, operation, installation and production is full of humanization. We use European brand servo motor for low energy consumption.

If any interests for two plate injection molding machine, or you are looking for big tonnage machine for big parts production, welcome to contact me. Also, we are looking for partner to be our agent for local marketing. Welcome to join us!

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