Colorful Injection Molding Solution

Double Color Injection Molding

In the fast development colorful injection molding solution, there comes three color or four color injection molding through add the injection unit at the normal machine vertical side, side entry.Today lets share with you two kinds double color injection molding concept, bi-color injection molding and mix color injection molding difference.

Recently one of my customer asking thedifference between bi-color injection molding and mix color injection molding. Actually,it is very easy to figure there different feature.

1.See the product.If the product don't have define colorarea, that is mixed color injection molding.

2. Those two molding use different injection molding machine,Same machine structure is two sets injection machine barrel plus Mould need rotation through machine platen by PLC control.Machine fixed side platen with two injection hole satisfy two barrel shot.Mould is two core side with same cavity. lookslike two moulds install on machine platen. If for mixed color injection molding, one set mould is enough.

Dakumar company making double color injection molding machine and injection unit for realize color injection molding solution. Welcome to further consultation.

Written by Tina

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