Air Conditioner Molding Service

As a professional supplier for air conditioner molding service, Dakumar has strict quality manager for air conditioner projects. The procedure of air conditioner molding service includes air conditioner project preparation, air conditioner design analysis (included air conditioner product design analysis and air conditioner mold design analysis), air conditioner molds manufacturing &testing, air conditioner molds trial production, air conditioners molds mass production or air conditioner molds after sales service and technical support.

1, Project preparation of air conditioner molding service;

BOM list of all the plastic parts, plastic materials type verification, color confirmation, weight and weight tolerance requirements, assembly and assembly dimension tolerance standard, product quality inspection standard confirmation (appearance inspection standard and structure inspection standard included)

2, Design analysis of air conditioner molding service;

During the air conditioner design period, the technical team will do DMF analysis for product design by our mold design experience, like somewhere need to add/reduce thickness to avoid sink mark, somewhere need to remove sharp edge or add R angle to ensure mold quality and mold life time, somewhere need to add strengthening ribs to avoid deformation or warpage… Then send the analysis report to customer for confirmation, try to find an optimal product design solution. At same time, we will start mold design analysis, like Moldflow analysis, Mold structure simulation, mold structure technical meetings to find out the optimal air venting system, injection system, ejection system, water cooling system, decided injection machine clamping force and injection machine models.

3, Molds manufacturing & testing of air conditioner molding service;

After mold structure confirmation, we will purchase main mold steel preparation, and prepare the mold spare parts, accessories(hot runners, cylinders) as per the mold design BOM list.

Each Mold has Gant schedule and detail processing arrangements to ensure molds processing dimensions precision and strict time controlling.

We test each mold, keep notes for injection data, and then refine the mold structure according to the mold testing results.

4, Trial production of air conditioner molding service;

No matterthe customer want produce air conditioners by themselves, or leave the molds here and let us do the injection work for them, we will make trial production for air conditioner molds for 500 shots to 1000 shots to make the molds performance more stable, find out and solve some unobvious problems.  

5, Mass production ortechnical support of air conditioner molding service;

After all the plastic parts and complete air conditioner assembly are qualified, mold testing and trial production are verified by our technical team and customers, the molds can be shipped to customers; If customer keeps the molds in our factory, we will arrange the air conditioners plastic parts mass production for them.

If customers produce the air conditioner part in their own company, we will offer technical support or sending overseas engineers to help customer do commissioning for the molds, one year warranty for mold quality, any broken parts due to our quality problem, we will send the replacement parts in the soonest time.

DAKUMAR Machinery is professional for home appliance turnkey projects, till now, we have offered air conditioner molding service for 12000BTU air conditioner, 18000BTU, 24000BTU air conditioner, 430x430 business air conditioner and 600x600 business air conditioner. Hope DAKUMAR has the chance to offer air conditioner molding service for you.

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