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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
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plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

Date:2017-03-20 22:44:16

As is know to all, sino holdings group company rich experience in the plastic turnkey molding line solution  supply,brach company dakumar injection molding machine specialize in the various injection molding machine manufacture, especially for the large scale injection machine production, they cooperate with sino  mould,offer the one stop industrial pallet injection molding machine service for the oversea market.

Sino mould company each year would support more than20 sets industrial pallet moulds turnkey molding line, sometime they would cooperate with dakumar machinery company, to meet final customer requirement to the production line request, ensure pallet moulds running stable on huge injection machine before shipping, also  available for the oversea market engineer training, installation and operation.

For the pallet moulds,thereare different kinds, some is 2 way entry,someis 4 way entry and also there have two face industry pallet,single face industry pallet, their requirement for the machine ton is different. Like for the singleface pallet, the machine ton need is 1600t, for double face type pallet mould,machine at least need 2500t.

Industrial pallet injection molding machine

Dakumar injection molding machine offers injection machinefrom 50t-4600t machine, and we are devote ourselves support high precision and high efficiency injection molding  machine, Now we successfully research the 1000t and 2000t two platen huge ton injection molding machine,  inthe future,we will do our best support the market more and more best machine solution to meet the  industrial pallet to the large-scale injection machine production demand.


Date:2017-03-18 17:26:58

Dakumar Machinery is professional plastic injection molding machine manufacturer, we supply large size pallet injection molding machines, which is also suitable for big dust bin and bumper production. We could supply whole pallet injection molding line solution service.

According to the pallet dimension and type, the suitable machine size is between DKM1600 to DKM3350. Dakumar machinery company have the production ability for the injection molding machine size until 4000ton. Consider the pallet running cycle time is above 100s, we suggest use servo power saving injection molding machines in order to reduce power consuming.

For the pallet injection molding line set up, it includes pallet moulds, pallet injection molding machine, air dryer and autoloader, chiller for mould cooling, Robot for pallet collecting, Crusher for material recycling, mixer and so on, we could offer one stop service with technology support. For the pallet injection molding machines, because it will be divided to several containers, our service engineer will visit customer workshop once the equipment arrived to help assemble the machine and train staff.

If you have plan to set up new pallet injection molding line, welcome to contact us for the detail information. As a group company, we are professional for pallet mould and pallet injection molding machine making.

Post by Miss Celina

Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

Whatsapp: 008615257606120


Date:2017-03-17 23:32:59

For thin wall plastic parts molding,high speed precision molding machine is the key point. At the same time, thin- wall molding has high requirement for the high speed injection molding, like high injection speed,  high  responsibility,high clamping force, and high efficiency and precision plasticization system.

Thin wall plastic product, usually wedefine the thickness below 1mm as the thin wall plastic parts. Obviously thin walled plastic parts, the thinner the wall, the lower the cost of plastic materials. Take the fast food box for example, the standard thickness is 0.5mm,if we can decrease its thickness to 0.4mm, then its material cost can be decreased by 20%. At the  same time,since the wall is thicker, it will shorten the plasticizing time and cooling time, thus to shorten the whole cycle time,improve the molding efficiency.

During the molding process, because the mould die surface is cold, when the plastic melt fill the cavities, it  will form a solidified layer, which can smaller the flowing runner area. If the solidified layer completely  freezes, it will stop the plastic melt flowing into the cavities, and the plastic parts will appear unfilled or flash  issue.Usually, the thinner, the easier these issues caused.

In order to solve these problems, we must increase the injection speed, which can be completely filled before the plastic melt cavity. For the traditional injection molding machine, injection speed isusually  80 ~ 100mm / s, can not meet the requirements of  thin-walled injection molding.In order to increase the injection speed, usually we will pump the motor capacity, assembly accumulator.

More questions or comments,pls feel free to contact me:

Post by Amanda Pan



Date:2017-03-17 15:48:25

Painting is all about appearance, preservation and protection of the building fabric. This field has become good for investement for both paint manufacturers and paint bucket manufacturer as the demand is increasing day by day rapidly.SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is highly specialized in offering Paint bucket Production solution to our clients in costeffective way. With the experience of more than 20 years in the field of providing Turnkey solution to our clients,we have successfully developed goodmarket in whole world. We are truly specialized in providing quality and costeffective solution for whole production line. We offer tailor made project as per customers requirements like bucket design,volume and IML solution.PAINT BUCKET MOLD.jpg

We offer high quality mold for paint bucket featured with beryllium copper at the top of the core and bottom of the cavity for optimal cooling, wear resistance and faster cycle time. We have extensively experienced design and manufacturing team for paint bucket and project can be done according to clients’ requirement. For injection machine we offer High speed and High energy saving DAKUMAR servo injection machine for the high and efficient production of plastic paint bucket as DAKUMAR is one of the leading injection machine manufacturer.

SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is extensively experienced in providing Turnkey soltion in cost-effective and productive way including molds , injection machine, auxiliary machine and all the necessary equipment necessary to built a perfect plant setup. Not only this our service includes life time servicing, production training to workers and prompt after sales services in effective way.

SINO HOLDINGS is your best partner for your achievement of great success.

Rahul shah


Date:2017-03-12 15:20:41

PET bottle manufacture and pet bottle company are very popular words in Google search system because plastic bottle making industrial is thriving and continues blowing in all over the world.

Plastic bottle making machine

Plastic bottle project prospect:

Water takes most important role is human life. And plastic bottle, as container for filling water, its consumption is huge and incalculable. And it not only in mineral water, distilled water, soda water, but also in drinking. It’s time cross allyear and thriving time is summer.

Plastic bottle makingmachine divided into injection molding system and blowing system and fillingsystem.

Molding injection system contains PET and PP raw material purchase, pet bottle mold and plastic cap mold, and pet & cap injection molding machine, and with its related chiller, material auto loader and other equipment.

Accord to volume, plastic bottle blowing machine had semi-auto and automatic. And related machine contains air compressor machine, air filter, air tank and other machines. Besides, water bottle filling machine could contact with blowing which achieves bottle cleaning, sterilizing, filling and cap wrapping.

If you are looking for PETbottle manufacture and confused how to build bottle line, pls feel free to contact me.

From : Stacy


What’s APP:+8615168642559

Date:2017-03-03 12:43:19

With the Dakumar machinery company’s speed development and market requirement, we are planning to seek horizontal injection machine country agency all over the world. Especially, Iran, Colombia, Algeria, France, Spanish, Brazil, Egypt, Pakistan, Thailand, etc.

Horizontal injection machine country agency

In order to push the country agency develop, Dakumar summarized and sort out a series solution. For example:

1.Sino will introduce as country agent for all customers and nearby customers for necessary service requirement.

2.5% for all sales in country, and sales award for turnover reach 1 million every year.

3.DHL cost by agent

4.30% for machine and spare parts, 70% for machine balance paid before shipping, 50% balance for spare parts before shipping.

5.Special payment term.

6.Sino cover exhibition cost 50% for 1st year.

7.Internet promotion by Sino

Why you choose Dakumar brand as country agency?

1.Dakumar is new show brand in China.

2.We has the ability to make machine from 50T to 4600T.

3.We employed famous Italy engineer to help us developed our machineand technical data.

4.Sino Holdings Group company have real mold factory, can offer customer one-stop service and turnkey project.

5.Agent will get special price from Dakumar.


Hope you are the one we are looking for. If you are interested in to be our horizontal injection machine country agency, or you are any brand agency already, also welcome contact me freely. Let’s talk about details. We need you.

contact: Candy


whatsapp: 0086 158 5868 5263

skype: anole-hc-02

Date:2017-03-01 10:31:15

Sino Holdings Group own both plasticmachine factory and mould factory, so we are professional in providing turnkeyplastic production line, such as detergent bucket production line, detergent pail production line…

We have provided machine and mould for 4L5L 10L 15L and 20L detergent bucket. Take 20L detergent bucket for example,

--Mould material: for 20L detergent bucketcan be H13, DIN1.2738, 718H, and P20.

--Injection system: Anole point gate hotrunner system, the elements is made in Germany.

We usually use DKM650SV for 20L detergent bucket,it allows the robot to take out the bucket and the machine also be IMLapplication. If you already have bucket mold with cold runner system, our Robotcan install the runner cutting system, the robot can cut the runner before takeout the detergent bucket.

detergent bucket production line.jpg

If you have any interests in detergent bucket production line,please feel free to contact us.

We are ready to provide you a good moldingsolution.


whatsapp: +86 137 365 66707

Date:2017-02-28 22:02:35

Sino Holdings Group is one of the leading  plastic crate molds maker in China .meanwhile,we are a world famous plastic injection molding machine manufacture which iswell know in many countries in the world , as we have delivery many plasticproduction line in many countries , and can offer customer with turnkeysolution for his new factory set up .

Vegetable crate production line is one ofthe project SINO have rich  experience tooffer to our customers, who have experience or without any experience in plasticparts field .even you are a new starter and want to establish an factory tostart producing crate in your locate city .

To start a plastic injection molding crate, investor need to make mould and injection molding machine as well asauxiliary . all the machinery our company can make it . Our branch company SINOMOULD are good at making crate mould .we make more than 2500 sets differentplastic crate mold for our customers from company establishing ,including cococola plastic bottle crate mould,vegetable crate mold ,fruit crate mold . fishcrate mould.plastic bread crate mould .etc . we usually use P20 and 718H toproduce the crate mould and our team make good cooling system for the cratemold .which will create a fast cycle time .

What is more ,we Dakumar machine are aimedat offer suitable injection machine and auxiliary machinery for the vegetable crate production line.

If you have new project about vegetablecrate mould . welcome to contact me for more information and technical .we aretop manufacture to offer vegetable crate production line for the markets .


Date:2017-02-28 21:17:17

Paintbucket is widely application in home appliance decoration industry, so itattracts investors to develop on this. SINO MOULD is professional on supplying paintbucket production molding equipment which containspaint bucket mold, injectionmolding machine, robot, and chiller and so on.

Paintbucket mold:

Steel: P20or 718H made in China, which could guarantee at least 1M shots.

Injectiongate: Hot runner system, Anloe brand

Ejectiongate: stripper way

CavitiesNo: 1 cavity

Structure:with optimal cooling system and air venting system.

Precisioncontrol: After each tooling step, we will check dimension by bridge coordinate measuringmachine. Once it passed, then go next step. Besides, our tooling machine hadDMG high speed milling, Japan Shaddic and Japan Marzark high precision lathe.

Paint bucketmolding machine:

Wesuggest using servo motor injection molding machine for producing paint bucketproduction. The advantage is could save 20%-80% energy and with servo motor,action precision could ensure and will get the best injection result. And theservo system compared with traditional machine, its holding pressure is morestable and dwell time is much extended which is better for test tube molding. Besides,dynamic servo motor with a response time of only 0.05sec and machines runs atvery lower noise level and operate stability.

Withhelp of dryer, chiller and others accessories equipment, those will improve cycletime and get the best injection result. What’ more, we had machine agent inJordan, Columbia, South Africa, Nepal, Mexico, Greece, Ukraine and others whichcould provide fast and convenient after-sale service and technicalrecommendation.

If youwant to set up your own paint bucket molding factory, pls kindly contact me,Iam glad to reply you and offer best solution for you.

Paint Bucket Production Molding Equipment

Post by

Miss Mandy



Date:2017-02-28 20:49:27

Dakumar injection molding machine richexperience in the PVC pipe fitting machine. According to our production field, wehave three type PVC molding machine. Can separate into PVC standard molding machine, PVC variable type injection molding machine and PVC servo motor injection molding machine. According to our production record, servo motor type PVC pipe fitting molding machine is the best seller in the machine choice.Since PVC parts is relative heavier and thick, molding time and cooling time request longer. Choose the servo motor type injection machine can big amount save the machine energy using.

Compare with normal injection moldingmachine, PVC machine mould plate is relative bigger, at the injection unit, would install the material cooling equips .And for PVC this special plastic material,the injection barrel of machine would choose the PVC specific using.

Dakumar PVC injection molding machine

Dakumar PVC Injection molding machine adopt European advanced machine design and skill, using the world's famous machine equips. Like the controller using the Keba which is same brand using as Engel machine. Servo motor supported by Sino-Italy Phase brand. Eckerle oil pump madeby Germany.Warmly welcome your down visiting and joining at Sino group –Dakumar Plastic Injection Molding Machine team, Please feel free to contact us to have detail acknowledge.Contact email: ,whatsapp: 008615067608197

Date:2017-02-28 13:44:39

Dakumar machinery—Subsidiary company of Sino Holdings Group, we are turnkey solution supplier for plastic injection molding project, we could supply both of injection mold and injection machine, because of this, we know the importance of delivery time for a project.

Aswe all know, time is money, in order not to waste time, and shorten delivery time, Dakumar prepare many popular tonnage ready injection molding machine for sale, Such as DKM138, DKM650, DKM1150, DKM2600,etc, include PET injection machine, servo motor injection machine, high speed injection machine, etc. If you are looking for ready injection molding machine to catch your injection molding project, pls feel free to contact me, our new ready injection machine could be shipped within 10days.

For our injection molding machine, I’d like show you some advantages as below:

1.Good machine configuration

We use world-renowned brand of electronic & electrical components, for example, Controller,we use KEBA which from Austria; Switch, we use OMRON from Japan;Valve, we use Yuken from Japan, etc.

2.Prompt service

We have 24 hours online service, can reply you in time, also can send our engineer to your factory to help you solve issue. We also have some service center insome country, like Jordan, Turkey, Mexico, South Africa...etc.  

3.Professional training

Any needs for ready new injection machine,or plastic injection molding project, welcome to contact me.

Ready injection molding machine for sale


Whatsapp :+86 138 5763 5311

Date:2017-02-28 11:22:37

Dakumar machinery is a high quality manufacturer of China injection machine, in order to meet customers’ requirement to delivery time, Dakumar has put into production of some large injection moulding machine ready made in stock.

“ Ready in stock” machine doesn’t mean second hand injection machine or used injection machine. This is 100% new injection machine. Dakumar has enlarge it’s production to large moulding machine over 650 ton, especially for 1150ton SV, 1350 ton SV, 1650 ton SV, 2600 ton SV.  Bulk purchasing will save a part of machine manufacturing cost, so we made plenty machine in stock to increase our competitive of price and delivery time. Once you confirm the order, we can ship the machines within one week. All the machines will tested by our QC department, or you can come to our factory to confirm it. All in all, the quantity of machine ready in stock is limited, if you intend to buy injection moulding machine, don’t hesitate to contact us, the promotion period is short, time and tide wait for no man.

Now we also seeking for some reliable and power customer to be our country agent for Dakumar Machine. If you feel interest about it, you can send us your resume, machine selling plan, and your request to our Email:

injection machine ready in stock.jpg

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